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Barry Kerckhoffs landschapsarchitect Stu

Studio BKL landscape architecture and outdoor space design


Studio BKL is a design studio that focuses on the disciplines 'landscape architecture', 'outdoor space design' and 'object design'.


Landscape Architecture: designing the landscape based on the Genius loci (the spirit of the place) and the abiotic and biotic features. Research into the design history of a garden or park is also part of this component.


Outdoor space design is the design of the urban landscape, such as streets and squares.


Object design is the design of, for example, bridges and terrain furniture. The starting point is not to design autonomous, industrially designed objects. The inspiration for the design comes from the location and the objects are uniquely designed for the place from a total concept. ​ ​ ​




Studio BKL is a member of the Dutch Association for Garden and Landscape Architecture. ​


Barry Kerckhoffs is registered with Bureau Architectenregister. ​


Studio BKL is a member of the NaarBuitengoed cooperative (


Studio BKL
Kuileneindestraat 33
6231 KE Meerssen

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